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Anxiety free dentistry

At smile2o your comfort and well-being is our priority.

Our team are very sensitive to the needs of all our patients to receive painless dental treatment and we will all do our utmost to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable as possible throughout.

We will take the trouble to listen to you and hear what your fears and past experiences have been. We try and understand your fears before treating you and will employ a host of techniques to assist you in this regard:

Our comfort menu includes:

  • Creating a relaxed atmosphere both before and during treatment with calming background music and air-conditioned temperature control.
  • The magic WAND™ computerised local anaesthetic delivery for painless dental injections
  • A friendly and cohesive team effort to reassure and care for you
  • Explaining and discussing with you any procedures that you feel you would like to know more about, before the procedure is carried out
  • Establishing and verifying your comfort and state of relaxation throughout treatment
  • Conscious sedation delivered by suitably qualified practitioners is available for those that feel the need for it
  • Post treatment beverages to help prepare you for the return to your day

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